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Inmate 331039
Last NameFirst NameMiddle Initial
GenderHeight (inches)WeightHair Color
Eye ColorEthnic OriginCustody ClassAdmission
Projected Eligible Release Date
Prison Release DateRelease Type
07/02/2019ABS. DISCHARGE
Most Recent LocationAs of Date
ComplexUnitLast MovementStatus
This only applies to AZDOC Supervision.
Earned Credit Release Date is provided for guidance. Confirmation can be sought by contacting ADC.
Details of inmate offenses can be accessed by reviewing the case file at the Office of the Clerk of the Court where the case was adjudicated.
Commitment and Sentence Information 3 record(s)
Commit# Sentence Length ( yy/mm/dd)Sentence CountyCourt Cause#Offense DateSentence DateSentence StatusCrime
A01 1 Y/ 0 M/ 0 DMARICOPA 2016137122001 08/05/2016 10/24/2018 IMPOSED UNLAWFUL USE THEFT DET. DV
B01 1 Y/ 0 M/ 0 DMARICOPA 2016141933001 09/02/2016 10/24/2018 IMPOSED UNLAWFUL USE THEFT DET. DV
C01 0 Y/ 13 M/ 0 DMARICOPA 2018002237001 03/28/2018 10/24/2018 IMPOSED AGGRAVATED ASSAULT
Profile Classification 3 record(s) [Info]
Complete DateClassification TypeCustody RiskInternal Risk
Active ClassificationReclassificationClose High
11/20/2018ReclassificationClose High
10/30/2018Initial ClassificationMinimum Moderate
Parole Action 0 record(s)  
Parole Placement 14 record(s)
Custody DateClass TypeApproved DateNext ReviewParole Class
05/24/2019RE-CLASS/ADMIN. REVIEW05/24/201905/23/20200
03/06/2019DISP. ACTION 03/06/2019 3
03/06/2019DISP. ACTION 03/06/2019 3
01/25/2019TR INELIGIBLE   0
11/20/2018RE-CLASS/ADMIN. REVIEW11/20/201811/20/20190
11/15/2018DISP. ACTION 11/15/2018 3
11/08/2018DISP. ACTION 11/08/2018 3
10/30/2018INITIAL CL. 10/30/201810/30/2019 
06/12/2018ADMISSION   2
06/12/2018PAR.CL.CHG.   1/149 Day(s)
08/14/2017ADMISSION   2
08/14/2017PAR.CL.CHG.   1/302 Day(s)
03/11/2017ADMISSION   2
03/11/2017PAR.CL.CHG.   1/156 Day(s)
Notification Requests, Detainers, and/or Warrants 6 record(s)
Detainer DateDetainer TypeChargesAuthorityAgreement DateCancel Date
04/29/2019NR CR2016137122 MARICOPA CLK OF CRT   
04/29/2019NR CR2016141933 MARICOPA CLK OF CRT   
04/29/2019NR CR2018002237 MARICOPA CLK OF CRT   
12/04/2018P07 CR2017150452001 3YRS MARICOPA ADLT PROB   
10/26/2018P07 2016137122/2016141933 MARICOPA ADLT PROB   
10/26/2018P07 2018002237 MARICOPA ADLT PROB