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Inmate 265660
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GenderHeight (inches)WeightHair Color
Eye ColorEthnic OriginCustody ClassAdmission
Projected Eligible Release Date
Prison Release DateRelease Type
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ComplexUnitLast MovementStatus
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Earned Credit Release Date is provided for guidance. Confirmation can be sought by contacting ADCRR.
It is important to note that all Release Dates are projected and are subject to change; confirm with ADCRR Time Computation Unit or the Offender Information Unit where the inmate is housed for potential changes
If you are a victim of crime, please call or email the Office of Victim Services for assistance with your victim rights or concerns: 602-542-1853  [email protected]
Details of inmate offenses can be accessed by reviewing the case file at the Office of the Clerk of the Court where the case was adjudicated.
Commitment and Sentence Information 3 record(s)
Commit# Sentence LengthSentence CountyCourt Cause#Offense DateSentence DateSentence StatusCrime
A01 15 Y/ 0 M/ 0 DMARICOPA 2010157828001S 01/01/2008 08/25/2011 IMPOSED ATTEMPT TO COMMIT MOLESTATION OF CHILD
A06 5 Y/ 0 M/ 0 DMARICOPA 2010157828001S 01/01/2008 08/25/2011 IMPOSED SEXUAL ABUSE
A08 15 Y/ 0 M/ 0 DMARICOPA 2010157828001S 05/11/2010 08/25/2011 IMPOSED ATTEMPT TO COMMIT MOLESTATION OF CHILD
Disciplinary Infractions 6 record(s)
Violation DateInfractionVerdict DateVerdict
01/23/2021ESCAPE02/03/2021GUILTY - Major
01/27/2019DISRESPECT TO STAFF02/06/2019GUILTY - Minor
02/20/2018REFUSE PROGRAM OR JOB ASSIGN02/27/2018GUILTY - Minor
05/29/2016DISORDERLY CONDUCT06/08/2016GUILTY - Major
09/03/2014FIGHTING09/09/2014GUILTY - Major
12/01/2013DISORDERLY CONDUCT12/03/2013GUILTY - Minor
Disciplinary Appeals 0 record(s) [Info]
Profile Classification 8 record(s) [Info]
Complete DateClassification TypeCustody RiskInternal Risk
Active ClassificationReclassificationMaximum Highest
04/06/2021ReclassificationMedium Moderate
09/11/2014ReclassificationMedium High
10/01/2013ReclassificationMedium Moderate
03/01/2013ReclassificationClose Moderate
09/07/2012ReclassificationClose Moderate
03/29/2012ReclassificationClose Moderate
09/08/2011Initial ClassificationMaximum Moderate
Parole Action 0 record(s)  
Parole Placement 10 record(s)
Custody DateClass TypeApproved DateNext ReviewParole Class
06/08/2016DISP. ACTION 06/08/2016 3
09/17/2014TR INELIGIBLE   0
09/09/2014DISP. ACTION 09/10/2014 3
10/01/2013RE-CLASS/ADMIN. REVIEW10/01/201310/01/20140
03/01/2013RE-CLASS/ADMIN. REVIEW03/01/201303/01/20140
08/31/2012RE-CLASS/ADMIN. REVIEW09/07/201208/31/20130
03/29/2012RE-CLASS/ADMIN. REVIEW03/29/201203/29/20130
08/20/2011INITIAL CL. 09/08/201108/19/2012 
10/28/2010ADMISSION   2
10/28/2010PAR.CL.CHG.   1/1412 Day(s)
Work Program 13 record(s)
Assigned DateCompleted DateWork Assignment
08/16/201911/30/2020SEWING MACHINE OPER
05/30/201809/04/2018BLIND/OTHER AIDE
01/10/201802/20/2018KITCHEN-COOK HELPER
05/28/201409/04/2014PORTER-OTHER LABOR
02/07/201306/07/2013PORTER-OTHER LABOR
Notification Requests, Detainers, and/or Warrants 1 record(s)
Detainer DateDetainer TypeChargesAuthorityAgreement DateCancel Date
09/19/2011P07 CR 2010-157828 MARICOPA ADLT PROB