Inmate 086279 JOSEPH WOOD,R
Executed: 07/23/2014
Defendant: CAUCASIAN
Last Meal Request 2 cookies
Comments: Wood and his 29-year-old ex-girlfriend, Debbie Dietz, had been involved in a turbulent relationship for 5 years, which had been marred by numerous breakups and several domestic violent incidents. Debbie was working at a local body shop owned by her family. On August 7, 1989, Wood walked into the shop and shot Gene Dietz, age 55, in the chest with a .38 caliber revolver, killing him. Gene Dietz's 70-year-old brother was present and tried to stop Wood, but Wood pushed him away and proceeded into another section of the body shop. Wood went up to Debbie, placed her in some type of hold, and shot her once in the abdomen and once in the chest, killing her. Wood then fled the building. Two police officers approached Wood and ordered him to drop his weapon. After Wood placed the weapon on the ground, he reached down and picked it up, and pointed it at the officers. The officers fired, striking Wood several times. Wood was transported to a local hospital where he underwent extensive surgery.
Proceedings: Presiding Judge: Hon. G. Thomas Meehan Prosecutor: Thomas Zawada Defense Counsel: Lamar Couser Start of Trial: February 19, 1991 Verdict: February 25, 1991 Sentencing: July 2, 1991
Aggravating: Grave risk of death to others Multiple homicides
Pub Opinions: State v. Wood, 180 Ariz. 53, 881 P.2d 1158 (1994).